Svah Event Management is a logistic support company which has started the journey to evaluate the professional experience that had been gained almost in every area of tourism and service industry through out many years that had been spent in corporate companies.

Our Basic Keynotes...

Since the establishment in 2011, standing out among its rivals and becoming the first choice of the big holdings, primer agencies and companies of the sector, is a result of Svah Event Management's basic keynotes such as TRUST, QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM, SOLUTION FOCUSING, PERFECTIONISM and CONTINIOUS DEVELOPEMENT.

We do not concede from our principles...

Owning and embracing all the projects from the beginning to the end, from the global organizations to the smallest events and taking an effective role in the success is our company's absolute must working style. Our goals are; to create long-term relationships with the partner companies based on satisfaction and trust by creating a qualified and very fast supplying process, to take both the partner company and us from one success to another.

We believe in team work...

The whole team of Svah Event Management is consisted of real professionals who had spent many years in the tourism industry in the best corporate hospitality and tourism companies. In our point of view, the personal success and professionalism of our team members are the tiny pieces that form the whole. It is very important for us to create the synergy by encouraging the team spirit and reflect that to every project that is being carried out.

Takım Lideri

Kamer Silver

Managing Director
Takım Lideri

Yıldırım Akyalçın

Event Executive
Takım Lideri

Dicle Albayrak

Finance Executive